Data Recovery

Has the hard drive failed in your computer? Maybe it no longer starts. Do you just get a blue screen or hear a clicking noise? That is a sign your hard drive may have failed. Let us perform a professional diagnosis to determine what is causing the problem. If the hard drive has failed, we can install a new one and re-install operating system so that your computer works properly again. Do you have important data on it? photos, documents, email, files that are irreplaceable? In many cases we can recover your files during the in-shop service, but in some cases, a laboratory data recovery is necessary.

If your hard drive has failed

  • Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Your repair attempts could make it worse.

  • Do not attempt to use the recovery partition to restore your computer, this can result in data loss of your photos, documents, email, or files. For best results, have a professional diagnose and repair your computer.

  • Never disassemble a hard drive, only a data recovery specialist would be able to recover the files.

  • Do not move a drive while it is operating, or internal damage could occur.

  • Do not take the hard drive out or handle it without proper precautions. Hard disks are very delicate and sensitive instruments, they must always be transported in an anti-static bag.

Repairs & Diagnostics

In addition to data recovery, Secure Data Recovery Services offers repair services for desktops, laptops, servers and all other computer systems. If you need to avoid downtime after a computer disaster, our specialists can perform data recovery and system repair services simultaneously to help you regain normal access as quickly as possible. Our teams have experience with dozens of common computer repair trinidad and tobago scenarios, and we can effectively treat hardware failures, operating system failures and software issues in a matter of days.


Our services include:

  • Laptop Repair

  • Apple Computer Repair

  • Netbook Repair

  • Desktop Computer Repair

  • Hard Drive Repair

  • Windows Data Recovery and Computer Repair

  • Operating System Repair for Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS and More